Three Ways That You Can Cut Costs Of Vehicle Ownership

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If you're like most modern vehicle owners, you love the convenience provided by having your own personal vehicle -- and at the same time, you probably wish that the costs involved in vehicle ownership were lower. Fortunately, strategies exist for the average consumer to help keep the standard expenses involved in owning a car at reasonable levels. Following are three ways that you save money on vehicle related costs. 

Consider Using the Mechanic Services of a Vocational School

Is there a vocational school or community college within reasonable distance from your home that offers a program in auto mechanics? If so, you may be able to save on maintenance and repairs by taking your vehicle to them instead of to a regular shop. Keep in mind that students won't be completely turned loose to work on your car -- they'll be doing so under the supervision of skilled instructors, and the vehicle will have to pass strict quality control measures before the instructors sign off on it. 

If the thought of leaving your vehicle in the hands of students still makes you worry, keep in mind that many consumers who choose to go this route still take their vehicles to a regular mechanic shop for major repairs.

Shop Around for Car Insurance

Car insurance rates can vary wildly between different providers, so be sure to shop around to ensure that you're getting the best possible rates. 

Even if you're happy with your current car insurance company and don't want to change at this time, you may still be able to use car insurance quotes from other providers as leverage to get a better deal on insurance premiums with your current company. Also, you may be eligible for certain discounts that you aren't receiving, so letting your agent know that you're getting proactive about finding better rates may provide them with incentive to keep you with their company. 

Car insurance discounts are frequently state-specific. For instance, some states have a discount for anti-lock brakes, and many offer reduced rates to nonsmokers and to students earning consistently good grades. 

Learn Some Lightweight DIY Vehicle Maintenance Hacks

One of the best ways to keep car ownerships costs down is to keep up with basic maintenance tasks, such as changing oil and other fluids such as power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, replacing windshield wipers and wiper fluid, replacing worn turn signal bulbs, and other minor maintenance tasks. Auto repair schools generally don't do this sort of work, and regular mechanics generally charge a high hourly rate for these services. 

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16 January 2018

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