Why Insured Motorists Shouldn't Eat While Driving

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Eating and driving is a common practice, so it's not that uncommon that motorists end up in an accident in which food is involved. Eating can cause you to not pay attention to the road. If there is reason to believe that you were eating while driving, your auto insurance provider may be required to pay for your accident and medical bills rather than the other motorist. 

Eating While Driving Doesn't Help Your Case 

When you were found eating while driving, it will be easier to prove that you were responsible for the accident. This doesn't mean that you'll lose the case, but you'll have a more difficult time, and you might be found partially liable. 

Your Rates Might Go Up

Even though your insurance provider will pay for the damages caused by driving while eating, you'd still want to avoid these incidents because they can lead to your rates going up. If you are not found at fault for the accident, your rates will usually not go up. Also, if not paying attention leads to a very expensive car accident, this is more likely to cause your rates to go up than if you have a less severe accident. 

There are some states that are considered no-fault. This means that your rates will increase regardless of whether you were responsible for the accident. However, if you're not in a no-fault state, it's especially important that you avoid accidents such as those caused by eating while driving.

Eating While Driving Might Become Illegal

States currently do not have laws governing eating while driving. However, there are some states that are considering adding eating and drinking even non-alcoholic beverages to distracted driving laws. Under distracted driving laws, to be cited, an officer simply needs to spot the motorist that is distracted. In many cases, eating while driving is a secondary offense. If you're pulled over for a primary offense, your distracted driving would be an additional offense. However, secondary offenses will often become a primary offense. 

Eating While Driving Is Dangerous

Because eating while driving can cause you to lose your case, you should always pull over when you choose to get takeout, or you should eat at the restaurant. The act of eating while driving not only causes you to take your eyes off the road but also forces you to perform manual activities that will prevent you from properly operating your vehicle.

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18 October 2018

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