2 Possible Ways To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Premium

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If you are trying to cut down on your monthly expenses, you may be wondering if there is any way you could save money on your current car insurance premium. If so, consider the following possible ways to cut some of the cost of your auto insurance.

Keep Track of Your Driving Habits

When you first signed up for your car insurance, you most likely filled in a portion of your application that specifies the number of miles you typically drive in a day. However, if you overestimate this number, you may be paying more than is necessary.

For example, if you live close to your workplace, and you usually only drive to and from your job with an occasional stop at the store along the way, you are probably not driving too many miles. And, since you are not on the road as often as someone with a long commute or who travels, the insurance company would see you as a lower risk for an accident.

Track your daily mileage for a week to see if your estimate was inflated. If so, contact your insurance agent to report the smaller mileage to see if they are willing to cut your premium.

Ask Your Insurance Company about Price Matching

Another way you may be able to cut the cost on your auto insurance premium is to see if they are willing to match any offers from other insurance agencies. With so many insurance companies available, they often compete to get your business.

If you feel that your insurance rates seem a bit high, start calling around and getting quotes from various insurance companies in your area. Make sure you give each company the same information to receive comparable quotes.

If you do find any offers that are lower than what you are currently paying, see if your insurance company is willing to match the premium rate of another company. Even if they do not give you the exact amount quoted from another company, they may be willing to decrease your premium to keep your business, especially if you are a safe driver with no past claims.

Above are some of the ways you may be able to save money on your monthly car insurance premium. Contact your auto insurance company for more ideas and to see if they have any programs available that may be able to help you save money.


15 January 2019

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