Don't Let Self-Employment Stop You From Taking Advantage Of Group Health Insurance Rates

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If you are like many self-employed people, you probably think that there is no way you would be able to take advantage of group health insurance rates. After all, group health insurance rates are most commonly offered by large employers since all of the people working for the company easily form an insurance group. This is something you will not have as a self-employed individual. However, while you may not have access to employer-sponsored insurance benefits, the fact is you can still take advantage of the benefits that group health insurance has to offer. This is because while employer-sponsored health care may be the most common example of group health insurance, the fact is that there are many different ways in which you can form an insurance group. You can learn more about a few of these options below.  

Join Forces With Other People In Your Profession

While you may not work directly with other people in your profession, you and these other individuals can still come together in order to enjoy the benefits of group health insurance plans. In order to form an insurance group, you will need to join forces with other people with whom you share a common characteristic. Choosing to form a group with people with whom you share a profession is a great way to do this. For instance, if you are currently working as a photographer, you can choose to form an insurance group that is open to all freelance photographers. 

Join Forces With Other Self-Employed People In Your Area

While some professions offer ample candidates for an insurance group, other people may find themselves struggling to form a group based on profession alone. This is because some professions are too specific or are not common enough to create an insurance group based on just this criterion. For example, if you are a wedding singer, chances are there are not enough wedding singers in your local area to create an insurance group comprised solely of people in this profession. Consequently, you may want to consider opening your group up to all freelance musicians in your area or even to all freelance contractors in your local area. By defining your group based on geographical location, you will be able to attract more members and ultimately qualify for a better rate on your insurance.

Join Forces With People Who Share A Common Affiliation

Employment is just one way in which you can choose to define your insurance group. You can also choose to form a group based on affiliations that have nothing to do with work. For example, you can choose to form an insurance group based on a shared religion or hobby. This is another great way to open up your group to a larger number of people so that you can secure the best possible rates on your insurance plan. 

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14 June 2022

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