Turning 65? Three Surprising Things Medicare Won't Cover


Once a person turns 65 years of age and begins receiving Medicare, they are often surprised to learn that this federal health insurance program doesn't cover everything. This means the retiree may need to budget additional money towards their health care needs. Here's a look at three things Medicare won't be paying for you: Your Prescription Medication Upon turning the age of eligibility, you will be enrolled in Medicare, which consists of two parts.

25 August 2018

5 Common Reasons Workers Comp Claims Are Denied


Worker's compensation benefits are paid out to an employee by the employer's insurance company when the employee is injured on the job. However, it's not as simple and becoming injured and then collecting your checks. There is a claim filing process that might be easy in some cases, but completely daunting in others. There seems to be a trend with denials, such as age, tenure, and wage, and you need to fight that trend.

29 February 2016

4 Tips For Lowering Your Car Insurance Premium


Car insurance is essential for every driver to have, but you don't always have to be stuck with a high premium. Determining what you should pay for car insurance involves several factors, but there are a few tips that can help you lower your rates no matter what company you are insured for. Here are four ways you can lower your car insurance rates. Choose New Vehicles Carefully One of the first things that an auto insurance company will consider is the make and model of your vehicle.

24 February 2016