How Is Classic Car Insurance Different From Regular Car Insurance?

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If you own a car that is considered a classic car, you might want to purchase classic car insurance for the car instead of regular car insurance. While regular insurance and classic car insurance both provide coverage for a vehicle, there are some differences with these two types of coverages. Here are two main things to know about classic car coverage versus regular car insurance coverage. Classic car insurance covers the actual value of the car

12 June 2019

Insurance And The Landlord: Key Issues

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Being a landlord is not always easy, as you have a lot of issues to deal with that other property owners do not have to worry about. One issue that you don't want to overlook is insurance. Landlords tend to have insurance needs that are more extensive than that of the average homeowner. Here are important points regarding insurance that all landlords need to consider. Policy As stated above, a typical homeowners policy will not be sufficient to cover all of your insurance requirements as a landlord.

1 May 2019

Do You Need Home Insurance If Buying A Condo?

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Owning a condo is similar to owning a house, yet it is also different in many ways. When it comes to owning either a condo or a house, it is important to have home insurance for protection; however, the types of protection you need are not the same with homes and condos. When you buy a condo, you will still need to have home insurance, but it will be slightly different than the insurance you would need if you purchased a house.

20 March 2019

2 Possible Ways To Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Premium

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If you are trying to cut down on your monthly expenses, you may be wondering if there is any way you could save money on your current car insurance premium. If so, consider the following possible ways to cut some of the cost of your auto insurance. Keep Track of Your Driving Habits When you first signed up for your car insurance, you most likely filled in a portion of your application that specifies the number of miles you typically drive in a day.

15 January 2019

Little-Known Methods To Save Money On Car Insurance Premiums As A Senior Driver

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As you move on into your senior years, you naturally expect that some things are going to change. However, a lot of senior citizens are surprised when they find out the added age can bring along a spike in what it costs to obtain car insurance. Older drivers can be considered a bit more of a risk to cover by some insurance companies, but there are a few little-known things you may be able to do to save on your premiums.

2 December 2018

Why Insured Motorists Shouldn't Eat While Driving

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Eating and driving is a common practice, so it's not that uncommon that motorists end up in an accident in which food is involved. Eating can cause you to not pay attention to the road. If there is reason to believe that you were eating while driving, your auto insurance provider may be required to pay for your accident and medical bills rather than the other motorist.  Eating While Driving Doesn't Help Your Case 

18 October 2018

Turning 65? Three Surprising Things Medicare Won't Cover


Once a person turns 65 years of age and begins receiving Medicare, they are often surprised to learn that this federal health insurance program doesn't cover everything. This means the retiree may need to budget additional money towards their health care needs. Here's a look at three things Medicare won't be paying for you: Your Prescription Medication Upon turning the age of eligibility, you will be enrolled in Medicare, which consists of two parts.

25 August 2018