Top 4 Benefits Of Working With A Managing General Agency

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The insurance industry can be very competitive, and more and more small independent insurance agencies are looking for ways to increase profits and attract more customers. One way to do this is by becoming affiliated with a larger managing general agency. In the insurance world, a managing general agency typically has connections that allows it to offer a number of different policies through different carriers. In addition, managing general agencies often have underwriting capabilities, so they can offer unique insurance policies.

26 March 2018

3 Reasons To Get An Auto Dealer Bond Before Opening Your Car Lot

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If you have decided to get into the business of selling cars, then you might be excited about opening up your car dealership as soon as possible. One step that you will need to take first, however, is getting an auto dealer bond from one of the local surety bond companies. With this type of bond, you will have to go through certain types of checks, such as a credit check, to get approved for this type of coverage.

25 February 2018

Three Ways That You Can Cut Costs Of Vehicle Ownership

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If you're like most modern vehicle owners, you love the convenience provided by having your own personal vehicle -- and at the same time, you probably wish that the costs involved in vehicle ownership were lower. Fortunately, strategies exist for the average consumer to help keep the standard expenses involved in owning a car at reasonable levels. Following are three ways that you save money on vehicle related costs.  Consider Using the Mechanic Services of a Vocational School

16 January 2018

Four Simple Ways To Lower Auto Insurance

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The key to making the most of your money each month will rest in finding ways to reduce your overall expenses. This may sound easier than it is but one way to lower your costs is by reducing your auto insurance bill. There are many ways to do this and simply getting started may render significant long-term results for you. Knowing specific things you can begin doing today is sure to help you save money over time.

5 December 2017

A Guide To Buying A Workers' Compensation Policy

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When you need to take full advantage of your business, it pays to decrease liabilities and handle your logistics accordingly. In this regard, you'll need to buy workers compensation insurance no matter how large or small your business. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about purchasing workers' compensation insurance from a company that offers incredible plans, read below and use these tips: Tip #1: Focus on organization and maintaining the plan

5 October 2017

Three Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Reputational Harm

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If you're new to the small business world, you're probably experiencing a simultaneous mixture of excitement and apprehension -- and naturally, you want to do everything in your power to get your business off to a great start. Like many new entrepreneurs, you understand that protecting your business from burglary, flooding, fires, and vandalism is an important part of making sure your business remains stable and solid, so you've got the appropriate insurance policies in place to guard against monetary loss if any of these should become a part of the picture.

30 August 2017

Reducing Your Liability: Tips For Business Owners

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As a business owner, you have insurance to cover your property and your business itself in case of natural disaster, fraud, or other unforeseen emergencies. However, sometimes business owners underestimate the risk of liability, even with liability insurance. If you are hoping to keep your insurance rates low and avoid any personal injury or civil lawsuits that could harm your business finances, here are some tips to consider.  1. Have Strong Communication Policies

2 August 2017