Don't Let Self-Employment Stop You From Taking Advantage Of Group Health Insurance Rates

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If you are like many self-employed people, you probably think that there is no way you would be able to take advantage of group health insurance rates. After all, group health insurance rates are most commonly offered by large employers since all of the people working for the company easily form an insurance group. This is something you will not have as a self-employed individual. However, while you may not have access to employer-sponsored insurance benefits, the fact is you can still take advantage of the benefits that group health insurance has to offer.

14 June 2022

3 Auto Insurance Questions You Should Know The Answers To

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Are you shopping around for auto insurance and calling different providers in your area? If so, you are going to want to know the answers to these questions.  Will Your Auto Insurance Provide Coverage For Rental Cars? A common concern when getting a rental car is if you already have coverage from your auto insurance provider. After all, nobody wants to pay for insurance twice if it is not necessary. The answer to this question varies from provider to provider, so you'll need to check to make sure that you have rental car coverage.

21 April 2022

Getting Life Insurance? Know What These Terms Mean

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Are you ready to get a life insurance policy for the very first time? If so, your insurance agent may be throwing around a lot of terms that you likely have not heard before. Here are some common terms that you need to become familiar with as you are shopping around for a life insurance policy. Premium The premium is the amount that you pay each term for your life insurance policy.

21 March 2022

Smart Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

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Car insurance is a must-have, and you'll be happy you have one when you get involved in an accident. Still, you don't have to break the bank to get a good car insurance cover. Once you discover what influences your insurance rates, you can get the best deal to help save money.   Check out some smart approaches you can consider to save money on auto insurance. Improve Your Credit In most cases, insurers consider a driver's past driving record to determine insurance costs.

1 February 2022

Two Must-Haves for Your Auto Insurance Policy

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Car insurance is so critical that nearly every state has a mandatory minimum that you must carry to lawfully operate your vehicle. An automobile accident can have costly consequences and without some form of financial backing, it could be almost impossible for you to come up with enough money to pay for damages. However, while many states do mandate that you carry liability coverage you definitely want to add to your policy with other forms of protection as well.

6 January 2022